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Has been primarily employed to detect surface discontinuities on metallic and non metallic industrial products.

We undertake variety of Liquid Penetrant test methods using Solvent Removable, Water Washable, Post emulsifier Penetrants with Aqueous, Non Aqueous or Powder developers.Both Visible and Fluorescent methods are available.


Level I course outline

  • Basics of penetrant testing
  • Penetrant groups
  • Pre-cleaning methods
  • Penetrant testing methods and techniques
  • Types of developers
  • Inspection procedures
  • Sensitivity & resolution checking of test systems
  • Types of discontinuities
  • PT Level I Course: 40 Hrs. Practical 20 Hrs. Visible (Red) and fluorescent penetrant testing of various types of engineering components

Level II course outline

  • Review of Level I cours
  • Selection of techniques
  • Manufacturing processes and discontinuities
  • Interpretation of indications
  • Preservation of indications
  • Evaluation of test materials
  • Penetrant materials quality control
  • Codes, standards and procedures
  • PT Level II Course: 40 Hrs. Practical 20 Hrs